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Strategy + branding

We are USE Agency, a small team of creative, strategic thinkers who transform businesses through branding. Fun fact: we have the greenest office in Aarhus.

Our clients come from a range of industries, including FMCG, tech, festivals, and construction. Among them, you'll find global companies such as LEGO, Grundfos, and Velux.

We combine insight and design to create tailored solutions that help our clients achieve their goals.

USE Agency Rokoko smartsuit demonstration

No one cares about your company or your products. And especially your marketing.

We work from a set of simple principles, that guide all work at the agency.

Digital Design Systems enable stronger collaboration.

Annual reports people want to read – embrace digital.


We’re a partner heavy agency, so each project is handled by senior people. Our work is driven by three values: No Grand Reveals, Build Tools and Playfulness.

Nobody likes surprises. Especially when there’s money involved. We involve clients in projects on an ongoing basis, so we’re sure to spend our time in the most effective way. The software we use is browser based, which gives all stakeholders a chance to follow along, making design less of a black box.
We create tools that enable clients to work with our solutions beyond our involvement. Our focus on tools and frameworks ensures easy handover for clients to continue the work seamlessly. Depending on preference, we offer ongoing support on a weekly or monthly basis, or simply deliver the solution and step back to let clients take the reins.
We inject creativity and experimentation into everything we do. Playfulness increases engagement both internally while designing projects and with end users who experience and use the solutions. Play encourages people to think outside the boundaries of what’s possible.


Brand design
Brand tracking
Brand strategy
Type design
Packaging design
Web design
Digital experiences
Motion design
Design systems
Customer research & analysis
Innovation consulting
Business transformation
Communication strategy
Employer branding
Marketing strategy
Social media
Trade fair booths
Environmental and retail design
Campaigns & advertising
OOH, direct mail, flyers, etc.
Ari Haack Marteinsson memoji
Ari Haack Marteinsson
Daniel Kowal-Andersen
Daniel Kowal-Andersen memoji
Sophie Haack Andersen memoji
Sophie Haack Andersen
René Sune Sørensen
René Sune Sørensen memoji
Sofie Grønberg
Sofie Grønberg memoji
Mathilde Odgaard
Mathilde Odgaard memoji

Juliane Brun Ipsen


Daniel Kowal-Andersen


Ari Haack Marteinsson

Partner & Managing Director
+45 21 17 93 10


Sophie C. Haack Andersen

Partner & Head of Visual Design
+45 23 23 73 36


René Sune Sørensen

Partner & Head of Brand Experience
+45 30 49 37 75


Sofie Grønberg

Visual & Digital Designer

Lonnie Hvam

+45 26 77 04 04

Anne Hansen

Human Resources

+45 26 72 27 46

USE Agency meeting room

Don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss a project or come by the office ☕

Selected clients

The LEGO Group

USE Agency Rokoko smartsuit demonstration


We like learning about the world. Brain science, AI, the future of work, marketing effectiveness, and what’s next for the web are all themes we discuss continually. We believe writing is a way of thinking, so we publish our thoughts on a regular basis.

Meet USE

We take pride in being a small and agile team, which allows us to work collaboratively and efficiently.

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