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We follow a set of simple principles that guide all our work.

Ari Marteinsson
AURA Energi
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The following principles guide all work at USE Agency. They help us navigate decisions, ensure we work on the right things at the right times, and solve client problems.

For too long, designers, marketers, and consultants have been operating on shaky grounds (us included). But today, we know so much about how humans work, how their brains work, and how we create valuable products and memorable brands with this knowledge.

This doesn’t mean our work is boring or overly practical because people don’t like boring or practical. On the contrary, we believe working science-based sets the proper framework to produce work that excites, educates, and drives change, all at the same time.

Science based

No one is served with being tied down to workflows and solutions they can’t control. We always strive to create tools that enable clients to work with our solutions beyond our involvement. Our focus on tools and frameworks ensures easy handover for clients to continue the work seamlessly. Depending on preference, we offer ongoing support on a weekly or monthly basis or deliver the solution and step back to let clients take the reins.

Build Tools

Iterative process


Transparency is a key value at USE Agency. We always stay inside scope and budgets and deliver what we promise. We draw process overviews at the beginning of every project to ensure everyone is on the same page. Our time registration is open, and our calendars as well. We never claim ownership over assets we produce – if we create something on your dime, it’s yours.

Even our design tools are transparent and open, so clients can join in whenever they feel like it because that’s how partnerships are built.
Testing and iterating (doing multiple rounds of changes based on user input) is the best way to ensure success. You learn a tonne as soon as you involve users and customers. Just observing people interacting with products or websites teaches you to be humble. And we always try to be humble.


Play encourages people to think outside the boundaries of what’s possible. We infuse creativity and experimentation into all aspects of our work, internally as we work on projects and externally for the end users interacting with the solutions. This playful approach enhances engagement and captivates and delights our users, leading to more meaningful and impactful experiences.

No Grand Reveals

Nobody likes surprises. Especially when there’s money involved. We involve clients in projects on an ongoing basis, so we’re sure to spend our time most effectively. The software we use is browser-based, allowing all stakeholders to follow along, making design less of a black box.

No project managers

We don’t employ project managers. Because clients want to speak directly with the people working on the solutions. So we’ve invested heavily in making everyone at the agency a project manager. We’re a small agency with very senior staff, so every project has at least one senior person at all times.

Feel free to contact USE Agency partner Ari Haack Marteinsson to learn more about how we work.

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