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Building the ramp for a global sourcing rocket ship.
2022 →

With the world's most sustainable textile and trim production setup, JADOUBE is making waves in the Fashion industry.

USE Agency built a brand strategy and website to communicate sustainability to a high-end clientele, unlocking their growth potential.


"Working with USE Agency has proven instrumental to our journey and ambition. They have gone to great lengths to understand the complexity of our business, and we've consistently felt that our goals are their goals."

– Henrik, CEO

Fashion & Textile
Business Transformation
Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Brand website
Communication Strategy & Execution
Motion Design
Jadoube photo
Northwest Frozen logo truck

Pond Global

Forging a path for the future of plastic


Branding a frozen food giant

Pond Global mobile instagram

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Jadoube mobile site
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Selected clients

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The LEGO group

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